2020 Farmers Market Grand Finale, October 3

Grower Application

All booth spaces are 10’ by 10’ and vendors must provide their own table(s). All fresh, dried, or otherwise preserved produce must be grown by the vendor in Grant County. No buying and reselling allowed.

Booth space is free for Growers.

Grower Application
Please name the contact person if not you.
If you have a business name, please add it
Street name & Number or PO Box Number
If you have a website, please add it, we will link to it.
I agree to wear a mask over my mouth and nose, social distance to the best of my ability, and to provide hand sanitizer for the public and myself, during the hours of the Harvest Festival. *

2020 Farmers Market

Grand Finale, Oct. 3


Round-Up Lodge

91 Acklin Hill Rd, San Lorenzo, NM

Once your application is received, if there is space available, you will receive an email in a few days with more information on the event.

If there are no more spaces available, you will receive a notification via email.